Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art for art's sake

This is the view from my sister's backyard. Nice huh? All right, this is a view from the front of the Museum looking down on to the Sculpture Park. But it's pretty close to my sister's house…about thirty minutes…in a different state. But still...

During the second day of our time in Kansas city we had the momentous opportunity to explore the famous Nelson-Atkins Art Museum . This lovely picture was taken by myself, Taggart Gillespie (please keep applause to a minimum). These feathers are from one of the famous Shuttlecocks that adorn the sculpture garden here at the Museum.

You're heard of Tree Huggers, but have you heard of the more elusive Pillar Hugger? This is a very rare picture of the Pillar Hugger in it's nature habitat. Don't make anything sudden movements, you'll scare him away.

Brandon really connects with those that think on higher plans. Those that don't just take the world for face value. But those that process the things that they observe and produce new ideas and different views of common concepts and really strive to better the lives of them selves and other through these processes. Brandon really feels a deep kinship with them and is drawn to them like a moth to the flame. Not that that has anything to do with this picture. I just saw it and got to thinking and I guess I felt like sharing my thoughts. Sorry if I wasted your time.

Not exactly sure why we included this picture. Well other than it being a great picture of myself looking cool like always. But it does show off my sweet new coat. Can you believe someone just left it in the park?! Poor loser, weeper.

Here Brandon awaits that one word. That one word that will make him the happiest man alive. "Yes!" She may have said this if she wasn't so emotional and thick headed. She's going to think about it. And unfortunately we all know that means "no"….or at least "not yet." Don't give up Brandon. Just suck up the pain!

Believe it or not this didn't actually hit the ground. We returned this volley and won the match. And that, children, is how we got the golden harp and the goose that lays the golden eggs.